Set your availability

Availability in Weezly refers to the specific time slots you set when you are free to accept meetings or appointments. It’s a crucial feature of Weezly that enables others to schedule time with you based on your available slots. Here’s how to use it:

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Availability” tab on your dashboard.

You will be able to see a view like this:

Set your availability in Weezly

What is important to remember that you can create several availabilities which you can use in different events you create.

Time zone #

One of the first things you can set is your time zone. It is super important to set your time zone correct since your entire availability is based on this.

Set your weekly hours #

Set your weekly hourrs in Weezly

In this section, you will set your availability. Any days marked with checkbox selected means that you are having availability then. Enter your desired availability for each day.

Multiple availabilities for one day #

You can have multiple availabilities for one day. Simply click on the plus sign on the specific day, and a new row will be created as shown below. Then fill in the times you will like to be available that specific day.

Multiple availabilities in one day.

Copy times from one day to another #

If you would like to copy times from one day to another, you can click on the copy icon all the way to the right and a dropdown will be shown where you can select what day you would copy the times to.

Copy available times to another day in Weezly

Remember, Weezly will only suggest time slots to others based on the availability you set here. If your availability changes, you’ll need to update these settings in Weezly. Additionally, Weezly will automatically check for any conflicts with other events on your connected calendars when displaying your availability to others.


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