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Pricing of Weezly

Weezly is the only tool on the market to offer: Personalized AI Videos at Scale, Video Messaging and Scheduling of Meetings in All-In-One Tool! Since we are unique with our product, we are also offering a affordable pricing of Weezly.



20% discount


For individual professionals to manage everything


Price per month / user


For teams and small businesses


Price per month / 3 users included!


For lead agencies sending large amount messages​


Price per month / 30 users included!


For individual professionals to manage everything


Price per month / user - Billed annually


For teams and small businesses.


Month / 3 users included- Billed annually


For lead agencies sending large amount messages


Month / 30 users included- Billed annually

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What's included in Weezly?

Screen recording & cam bubble
Number of screen recordings
Max duration of video
30 min
60 min
Download recorded videos
Desktop notifications of viewed video
Organize videos in folders
Gif Thumbnails
Viewer insights
Remove Weezly branding on the video page
Add your logo & background on the video page
Number of events
Number of calendars connected
Customizable booking links and page branding
Embed scheduling page on your site
Group (1-to-many) event types
Add video message on your booking page
Add scheduling page next to your recorded video message
Reminders for a meeting
Multiple calendars for availability and scheduling
Desktop notifications when someone schedules a meeting
Support for 24 languages
Hubspot, Pipedrive, WordPress, Zapier and many more integrations
Priority support
Generate QR for every scheduling page
Set multiple reminders
Request & view other people calendars
Salesforce integration
Website widget
Viewer insights
Remove Weezly branding on booking page
Add your logo & background on your booking page and emails.
SSO (Saml)
Account transfer and ownership of content
User roles and management
Add Weezly to your website
Connect to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar
Connect to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom web conferencing
Access over 700 app integrations with Zapier
Help center access
Data Deletion
Email Support
Chat support
Dedicated Weezly account support
Onboarding & Implementation
Adoption and outcome guidance

Common questions

Weezly is a unique tool that lets you record your screen and send videos while also setting up meetings with anyone outside.

Like Loom, you can record a video message with Weezly and send it to someone.

With Weezly, you can make a page for booking meetings and share its link. People can use this link to schedule a meeting with you. You can also suggest meeting times, see others’ calendars, let people vote on meeting times, and add a video feature to your website. This helps turn people visiting your site into customers.

The best part about Weezly is that you can use both of these features together.

You can record a video message and include your meeting booking page in the video. This is a big deal because your clients can watch your video and book a meeting with you right away. This saves a lot of time in turning a potential client into an actual customer.

Yes! Actually you will get a 7 days free trial of our Business package. If you choose not to keep your package, your account will be downgraded to a free option.

If you have purchased a package, you can upgrade to higher package if you would like to. 
Simply login to your Weezly account, and go to your subscription and upgrade your account. 

We are using Stripe as payment provider and we can offer card payment options to upgrade your account on Weezly. 

To be very honest, we have most of the features that Calendly has and ontop of that we have video included on the booking page. 

Weezly has also screen recording, which you can combine with your booking page leading to massive opportunities to get more meetings. 

On top of that Weezly has desktop notifications, view shared calendars from other people, integration directly on Linkedin, Pipedrive, Salesforce,, Salesforce, Intercom and much much more.

Screencast is our screen recorder feature and alternative to such tools as Loom. You can record videos and send them to anyone. 

For each video a animated gif image is generated and a screenshot which can be shared with external people. 

Scheduling feature allows you to book meetings with external partners and propose times for a meetings and is a alternative to Calendly. 


This is our strongest feature. You can record a video and add your booking page next to a video allowing your viewers of the video see the video and book a meeting with you instantly. 

You will be asked to upgrade your account to an higher tier in order to be able to continue to use the functions. 

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