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It is harder than ever to get through the buzz, because of the overflooding of emails, automation tools and leads are getting tired. Yes, we know the situation, and we have a solution for this.

Let's talk about the real problem with sales today!

These are 6 reasons identified with sales challenges today, however there are many more. Here is the our combined list:

Everybody is using automation today

Leads are tired, and ignoring outreach

The trust in sales people has decreased

Your potential clients don't want engage anymore

It's super hard to get through the buzz.

Outreach is not personal, even with all AI tools.

The solution...
to successful sales today

We have also felt the frustration and we have felt that it has been hard to get through the buzz. However, going back to roots in sales, and doing each step carefully, has lead to major sales increase for us!

The solution to real sales problems today

Start by doing your homework. A proper research about the lead and the company they are working for.

So we need to go back to basics. Don't do automation! You need to do proper research more than ever today about the lead, the company. The most important part. You must be personalized more than ever today!

Potential lead or customer for your service

Don't do use automation to send none personalized message. You really must solve a problem for them!

Visit their LinkedIn, to see what they have been previously working with, and what they are working now with.

Visit the company website, to understand what the company is trying is offering.

Try to understand what the challenges the pontial customer might have in their role, for the company they are working for.

Now, write down how your service or product is solving the challenges for the lead and what value it will give to them. This is by far most important step.

It's time to present the solution, in a personalized way

So what is the receipe to successful sales today? You must do your research properly and you must reach out with a personalized way. It is crucial today, to get through the buzz, to be personalized and solve a problem. Follow the steps today, how you can do outreach in personalized way with human touch and this will increase your sales guaranteed!

1. Download the Weezly Screen Recorder
& Scheduling Extension

Start by downloading Weezly Chrome Extension, because we will record a video and send to a client.

2. Visit your leads LinkedIn or Company website

The next step for personalization, is to record the video message on clients Linkedin or Website. This gives the lead creadibility that you have taken time for them, you are personal, and you are actually solving something for them. This is super important, as there is high likelyhood they will listen what you have to say!

Visit your leads website or linkedin to find more about them

3. Record your video, with clear message!

Now, start the Weezly Screen Recorded, and record you video message. Makes sure to have a proper sales pitch. Don't forget to include the steps below, be very personalized and be very humble. Don't sell! Offer a solution to a problem, and your entire goal is to get a meeting with the client!

In you sales pitch make sure to mention:

Weezly - Chrome Screen Recorder
Video message recording and screen recording with weezly

4. Embed your Weezly booking page, next to your recorded video

Now, when you have recorded you video, make sure to embed the Weezly scheduling page next to the video. This way you lead will watch the video and they will be able to book a meeting with you instantly. This is a huge win, as they can instantly what you are solving, and they can schedule the meeting with you saving you tons of time, sending emails back and forward to try to get a meeting.

Embed scheduling page next to the recorded video

5. Share your video as animated image in an Email, LinkedIn or anywhere else

Share the video in email

It's time to reach out to the lead. Make sure to include the animated image of your video you recorded. This will increase the chance for the lead to open the video, becase they will see you, then they will see their Linkedin or Website, whereever you recorded the video.

This will also indicate that you have take the time to be personal and they will open the video to hear what you have to say.

Watch your clients book more meetings with you, and increase your sales!

Now that you have done the outreach, and the steps you have taken, we can guarantee that number with potential clients will increase. Then on the meeting make sure to verify the problem and present the solution. Once you have done that, you chances for incrased sales have increased massivly.

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