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Weezly video messaging

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Weezly let's you
record and share video messages

So, if you want to move to a new level of authenticity, share your video messages with everyone. Videos capture attention 5x more than text, and 75% of viewers take action and book a meeting after watching a video.

Video message recording and screen recording with weezly

It also allows you
to book more meetings

Did you know that 92% of appointments made through the booking site start on time, and 99% of overlapping appointments are reduced? How to achieve this? By seamlessly incorporating your Weezly schedule availability into your website and sending email or text invitations.

Timeslot picker - Find available timeslots to book a meeting

Group invite - Let others vote when to have a meeting

Convert visitors into customers

and the most powerful thing you can combine video messaging & scheduling

Screen Recoding & Scheduling in One

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Marika Nilsson

MA Redovisning

Weezly is simply best when it comes to booking meetings!

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Nick Jones


Our sales has increased massivly thanks to Weezly's video feature

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Per Jansson


We do all personal video outreach with Weezly and we just love it!

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Eric Lyle


So awesome to record videos, share and book meetings instantly!

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Emma Skye


Bye bye Calendly. Weezly is simply so more better & user friendly.

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Joaquín Rodrigo


Weezly has replaced both Loom & Calendly, all in one product!

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