Personalized AI Sales
Videos @ Scale

Would you like to record one video, and generate thousands of personalized ones to your customers,
and then send them instantly to all your leads? With Weezly you will be just do that,
record one video, and create thousands AI personalized videos.

Record one video

Video message recording and screen recording with weezly

Generate thousands of personalized

And send them to your leads with
your favorite tools in seconds

+120 more lead generation tools

And the most powerful thing
share videos & book meetings

Once you have generate your videos, you can embed your Weezly booking page next to your videos, allowing people who watch your video, to book a meeting with you instantly. Now that is something!

Generate videos & meetings from anywhere
with Weezly's powerful API

Use any third party tool to generated AI Personalized tools from Weezly. Our powerful Weezly API is ready to help you take your outreach to next level.

See Weezly in action 🚀

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