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Use Weezly
Chrome Screen Recorder

Weezly is ultimate Chrome Screen Recorder allowing you to record your screen and send those to anyone.
It also allows you to add your Weezly booking page next your videos, letting others book a meeting with you instantly.

Weezly - Chrome Screen Recorder
Video message recording and screen recording with weezly

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Capture your
screen or camera

With Weezly, you have the capability to capture high-definition footage from both your screen and camera simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for delivering presentations or providing additional context to complex ideas, all seamlessly achievable through Weezly.

Loom alternative - Weezly Chrome Screen Recorder
Loom alternative
Share video message instantly

Show your videos
right away

As soon as your recording session ends, Weezly provides you with a ready-to-share video link. This eliminates the usual delays like buffering, processing, or rendering, allowing you to distribute your videos immediately. To share or embed your video, all you need to do is copy the link to your clipboard.

And the most powerful thing
share videos & book meetings

Once you have recorded your video you can embed your Weezly booking page next to your videos, allowing people who watch your video, to book a meeting with you instantly. Now that is something!

Screen Recoding & Scheduling in One

Download the Weezly
Chrome Extension

Get started now and start recording your videos instantly and share them with anyone

Drive user engagement

Using Weezly ensures enhanced user engagement. Viewers of your videos will not only grasp your spoken words but also comprehend the core message of your video. Additionally, they have the immediate option to schedule meetings with you, significantly boosting user interaction.

Drive User Engagement with Screen Recording

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