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On Weezly, integrations refer to the connections made between the Weezly platform and other third-party tools to enhance functionality and improve user experience. Integrating multiple platforms simplifies tasks, improves productivity, and reduces the need to switch between them.

Outlook Integration In Weezly

Outlook Calendar

When connected with Outlook, any event created in Weezly will be in Outlook

Google Calendar Integration In Weezly

Google Calendar

Connect Weezly with Google Calendar and add all your events in your Google Calendar

Exchange Calendar

Sync your Exchange Calendar and add events to your calendar.

Video conferencing
Zoom integration on Weezly


Integrate Zoom information into your Weezly events.

Microsoft Teams integration in Weezly


Incorporate Teams conference information into your Weezly events.

Google Meet integration in Weezly

Google Meet

Include Google Meet details in your calendar events.

Salesforce Weezly integration


Add any meeting booked through Weezly direcly in Salesforce (Coming soon)

Hubspot integration on Weezly


When a meeting is booked though Weezly add it instantly to Hubspot

Pipedrive integration on Weezly


Let your clients book meetings with you in Weezly, and add them to Pipedrive directly.

Payment Gateway
Weezly accepts Paypal to charge for your scheduled meetings


Accept payments for your meetings though PayPal.

Wordpress Weezly integration


Embed your booking page on your WordPress.


Add Weezly on your Wix website instantly and get more meetings booked.


Integrate your Weezly on your Squarespace website.

Unbounce Integration On Weezly


Embed Weezly & Get more scheduled meetings on your Unbounce websites


Add Weezly on your Weebly websites and get more meetings scheduled


Get more clients and sales on your Shopify with Weezly integration

Weezly for Chrome

Chrome Extensions

Get access to all your schedulings & meetings instantly in Chrome.

Weezly firefox extension

Firefox Extension

Download the Firefox Extension and manage all your events in there.

Weezly edge extension

Edge extension

Instantly access all your schedules and meetings in Edge.

Linkedin Weezly integration


Send proposals for a meetings, your booking page and videos from Linkedin!

Gmail - Weezly integration


Send proposals for a meetings, your booking page and videos from Gmail!

API and connectors
Zapier Integration In Weezly


Create no-code automations with the tools you see.

Pabbly connect integration with Weezly


Easily generate no-code automations using the tools at your disposal.

Webhooks - Integrate Webhooks on Weezly


Send webhooks to Weezly and trigger different events

Multichannel outreach
Clay Weezly Integration


Generate Weezly personalized videos automaticly in Clay.

Lagrowthmachine Weezly Integration

LaGrowthMarchine (coming soon)

Send personalized videos, automatically in your flow builder.

Linkedin outreach
Weezly Heyreach Integration

HeyReach (coming soon)

Send personalized videos on scale to your Linkedin audience automaticly.

Send your personalized with Email and Weezly integration

Share your videos in and send them to your leads with sequences.

Active Campaign and Weezly


Generate personalized videos to your Activecampaign users and share them!

Instantly - Weezly


Share all your personalized videos directly in your Instantly campaign


Use Close to send your Weezly personalized videos on scale

Mailchimp Weezly integration


Embed dynamic videos instantly in your Mailchimp campaign!

Klaviyo - Weezly integration


Increase email engagement and purchases in Klaviyo with dynamic videos Weezly integration

Add videos directly into your marketing emails on

Campaign monitor - Weezy integration

Campaign monitor

Send video emails in Campaign Monitor in your email campaigns.

Aweber Weezly integration


Use Aweber to send your Weezly personalized videos

Amplemarket Weezly Integration


Use Weezly personalized videos for your Amplemarket outreach.

Convertkit Weezly Integration


Take your Convertkit campaign to next level with Weezly personalized videos.

Engage Weezly Integration


Send your personalized Weezly videos to your Engage audience.

Outreach Weezly integration


Use Outreach integration to send all your personalized Weezly videos

Salesloft Weezly Integration


Take your Salesloft outreach to new levels, with Weezly personalized videos.

Zoho Weezly Integration


Send your personalized Weezly videos to your Zoho leads.

Hubspot Weezly Integration


Send personalized videos at scale to you Hubspot leads instantly

Lemlist Weezly integration


Take your Lemlist outreach to next level with Weezly's personalized videos

Snow Weezly integration

Use Snov to send thousands of personalized Weezly videos to your leads. weezly integration

Send your User email campaigns with personalized videos.

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