The Best Chrome Extension To Get More Sales
Ultimate chrome sales extension - Weezly

The most powerful Chrome
extension for sales!

Weezly Chrome Sales Extension allows you to create personalized sales videos from anywhere, record video messages,
book meetings, and propose meetings all directly integrated in many places.

Generate automated sales videos in seconds on any website!

Visit any website, and just hit record and you have record a automated personalized sales video. On top of that you can add your Weezly booking page directly next to the video, allowing the potential
customer to book a meeting with you after they have watched your video!

See Weezly Sales Automation in action

Lightning fast screen recorder

With Weezly, you have the capability to capture high-definition footage from both your screen and camera simultaneously. Probably the best alternative to Loom on the market.

Share all your Weezly videos as animations, to boost your watch rate with 8x!

Create all your videos as GIF animation in your emails or anywhere else and boost the watch rate of your videos you just shared with anyone.

Send sales videos, book meetings directly from your favorite tools!

Probably the most powerful feature. We have integrated our Weezly Chrome Extension directly into many different places allowing you to send videos, book meetings, record video message instantly. Check it in action below!

Weezly Sales Extension is directly integrated in Linkedin, Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Pipedrive

So what can you do with the direct integration?

Our direct integration of Weezly, allows you to be so much more efficient
and save you TONS of time when reaching out to leads and scheduling meetings.

Send your sales videos as animated image, boosting the opening rate of your sales videos!

Directy send your sales videos to your potential customers, with our chrome extension, all directly integrated.

Send a link to your booking page so people can schedule a meeting with you!

With 2 clicks, you can send your booking page link to anyone, and they can book a meeting with you instantly.

Propose time when you would like to meet someone
and let them schedule instantly with 1 click!

One of our favorites, propose time when you would like to meet someone with few click. Watch it in action below.

Find and verify Linkedin leads emails and company info

Weezly also allows you to find email addresses of potential customers directly on Linkedin.

See Weezly in action 🚀

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