Scheduling - Get more meetings booked

Weezly is your ultimate
tool to book meetings faster!

Weezly is also a scheduling automation platform that offers team-based scheduling,
tailored solutions and integrations for each department, along with advanced security features.

Book a meeting in seconds. Don't spend time sending emails back and forward to find a time.

The most efficient way to save time. Sent multiple proposals for a meeting, based on your availability. See your colleagues calendars and find timeslot for a meeting that suits everyone. No more back and forward to find a available timeslot foor a meeting

See everyones calendars in one place and find available timeslots

Send a request to see your colleagues calendars, and view all calendars in one place and find available times for a meeting where everyone is available.

Quickly paste in your proposed times in any email client.

With one click, paste in your prosed time for a meeting in a email client and you client can simply click on the time you proposed and schedule a meeting. Now that is something

Schedule your meetings directly from Linkedin, Outlook, Gmail....

Weezly's extremly powerful Chrome Extension allows you to schedule meetings and proposed meetings directly from Linkedin, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and many other places.

Our Chrome Extension is directly integrated in

Weezly is integrated into many different tools

Let others
schedule a meeting with you

Create your own scheduling page, and let people schedule meetings with you based on your availability. Sync unlimited calendars.

Let others schedule a meeting with you - Weezly is alternative to calendly

Create a booking page, get a QR code and share it.

Weezly will generate a unique QR for every booking page you create. Share this code with anyone or use it on different events to book schedule meetings with potential clients instantly.

Weezly's qr code allows you to go directly to your booking page

Never miss a lead, add them instantly into your favorite CRM.

When someone books a meeting with you, we will add them automaticly to your favorite CRM system.

Weezly CRM integrations - Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive

Convert your website visitors into customers, with a website widget.

Create a website widget, and allow your website visitors to schedule a meeting with you with a way more personalized way.

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