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You simply record, one single video.
And we will clone your
face and voice with Weezly AI.

And, we will generate thousands, all personalized sales videos,
each tailormade for every single lead.

Send them to your potential customers with Linkedin & Email outreach tools!

Once you have generated your personal sales videos, you can then send them with your favorite lead gen tools.

Weezly - generate personalized ai videos at scale and send the with linkedin and email

+120 more lead generation tools

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Marika Nilsson

MA Redovisning

We use Weezly to generate sales videos and it works awesome!

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Nick Jones


We book so many more meetings with new potential clients

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Per Jansson


We do all personal video outreach with Weezly and we just love it!

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Eric Lyle


So awesome to record videos, share and book meetings instantly!

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Emma Skye


Bye bye Calendly. Weezly is simply so more better & user friendly.

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Joaquín Rodrigo


Weezly is like Sendspark, Loom & Calendly in one product! Awesome!

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