Record videos, schedule meetings or combine them. All-In-One!

Weezly is the innovative & World's first fusion of video messaging & scheduling. Seamlessly record videos, and if you would like you can embed your scheduling page next to the video! Or if you desire, just set up meetings and communicate with personalized video messages, all in one platform. Simplify your workflow and enrich your interactions with Weezly.

Weezly is a best of both worlds. Video recording & Scheduling in one tool. Imagine if Loom & Calendly had a baby 👶. It would be named Weezly.

Simple and effortless scheduling with video!

The scheduling application provides a hassle-free and efficient way to schedule meetings by allowing you to synchronize your calendars, control your availability, and incorporate personal video messages to your booking page. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it is a top-rated #1 alternative to Calendly.

- Try it for yourself. Click on date & schedule a meeting! Or press play on the video! -

Your own booking page

Upon setting up your schedule, a personalized booking page with a unique link will be generated for you. You can then share this link with your clients, friends, or colleagues through various channels, enabling them to schedule a meeting with you at their convenience.

Get your own Weezly booking page
Scheduling page in the email so people can schedule meetings

Share your availability with others

Leverage the potential of scheduling automation to revolutionize your business. By seamlessly incorporating your Weezly scheduling availability into your website and sending email or text invitations, you can efficiently manage your time by scheduling high-value meetings with prospective clients and recruits. This will help you make the most of your time and streamline your workflow.

Increase your bookings with video!

Weezly enables you to enhance your scheduling capabilities by adding personalized video messages to each booking page.

This feature can significantly increase your conversion rates by over 75% since videos have a powerful impact on engagement and trust-building with your potential clients or recruits.


Achieve your targets and meet your (KPIs).

Meetings are crucial for business growth as they can increase revenue, ensure customer satisfaction, and attract new team members. With the help of Weezly's scheduling application, scheduling these meetings becomes a hassle-free process, enabling you to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) effortlessly in short amout of time.

Ensure that you do not miss out on a client.

Acquiring clients can be a daunting task, but with our platform, you can streamline the process and avoid the risk of losing potential clients due to back-and-forth email exchanges. From scheduling initial discovery calls to technical demos, pricing discussions, and procurement meetings, our lightning-fast platform can help you schedule everything with ease and speed.

Integrations in Weezly

Effortlessly integrated with your essential tools.

Weezly scheduling offers integrations that make managing your scheduled meetings a breeze. You can easily add all your meetings to Outlook or Google Calendar.

Additionally, you can connect your preferred meeting tools like Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet, making the entire process seamless and convenient.

Your scheduled meetings are automatically synced with your calendar!

To simplify your meeting management, we sync all your scheduled meetings with your preferred calendar tools such as Outlook or Google Meet.

Additionally, we ensure that your clients can only book meetings based on your availability and preferences, guaranteeing a hassle-free scheduling experience for both you and your clients.

Select time to schedule a meeting on Weezly

Incorporate your scheduling page seamlessly across all platforms!

Why limit your scheduling page to a select few? With our platform, you can share it with everyone in just one click! Embed it on your website or LinkedIn profile, or add it to your emails to enable others to view your availability and book a meeting with you without any hassle.

Our automation platform takes care of the scheduling process, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails to find a suitable time.

Analyze your scheduled appointments.

Interested in knowing which meetings are most successful and how many bookings they receive? With our analytics page, you can keep track of all your scheduled meetings, including their performance and the clients who have attended them.

We are using Weezly's scheduling app as a early access user and all I can say that our our meetings have increased by 200% since we started to use the scheduling app. ​

Peter Olsson
CEO - Revam


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