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What is Screencast & how does it work?

So, What is Screencast and how does it work?

A screencast is a digital video recording of a computer screen, usually with audio narration. It’s used for software demos, tutorials, feedback, webinars, and personalized messages. Screencasts effectively convey complex information, offering versatility, engagement, efficiency, and personalization.

To effectively use screencasts:

  1. Define the goal.
  2. Choose the right tool, like Weezly, which combines video messaging and booking.
  3. Prepare your environment for minimal distractions.
  4. Plan your content and flow.
  5. Engage with viewers and encourage interaction.

Weezly’s Screencast is unique, combining video messages and a booking system. It enhances communication with personalized videos and simplifies scheduling meetings post-viewing.

Weezly: the best tool for a sales manager

How Does Screencast Work in Weezly? #

Screencast operates in diverse ways, as shown in the video below. It allows for the recording of both short and long videos, which can be uploaded to websites, messages, or emails, and even set as GIFs.

This versatility enables personalized content creation, and efficient meeting scheduling, and enhances the likelihood of successful deals.

Considering a picture’s value at a thousand words, a video, like those made with Screencast, could be worth a million.

To use Weezly’s Screencast, simply download its browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. For installation instructions, refer to the following article.

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