How to upgrade Weezly?

Weezly’s pricing model provides you with several options to choose from when you create your order. Should you change your mind later, upgrading your account is always an option. So, how to upgrade Weezly? Just follow these next steps.

How to upgrade Weezly: Step-by-step #

#1 Step: Find ‘Uprade’ #

On your dashboard, locate and click the ‘Upgrade‘ button in the upper right corner.

How to upgrade Weezly?

Or, find from drop-menu:

#2 Step: Choose Your Plan #

As shown in the picture, a tab will open from which you can select your preferred option.

Monthly Plan

How to upgrade Weezly: Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan

Yearly Plan

#3 Step: Subscribe #

Research which option best suits your needs and click ‘Subscribe.’ Then, to proceed, follow the additional instructions provided.

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