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Use Weezly directly from Linkedin, Gmail, and More Platforms

Streamline Your Professional Interactions with LinkedIn #

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, plays a pivotal role in business growth and networking. Integrating Weezly with LinkedIn can transform your professional interactions in several ways:

  • Simplified Meeting Scheduling: Schedule meetings directly with LinkedIn connections using Weezly’s convenient scheduling feature, eliminating the usual hassle of setting up meetings.
  • Enhanced Networking: Share your Weezly link with connections, allowing them to view your availability and book meetings effortlessly.
  • Personalized Video Messages: Add a personal touch to your professional communications by sending customized video messages to LinkedIn contacts.

Steps to Integrate Weezly with LinkedIn: #

  • Visit your Weezly dashboard and navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section.

  • Choose an extension from the available options (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge extensions in Weezly app

LinkedIn message

Boost Your Email Efficiency with Gmail & Outlook #

Integrating Weezly with Gmail and Outlook can revolutionize your email productivity in several ways:

  • Embed Meeting Links: Incorporate your Weezly scheduling link in email signatures or directly within emails.
  • Automated Appointment Confirmations: Utilize Gmail/Outlook to send automated confirmations and reminders for scheduled meetings.
  • Streamlined Communication: Manage all your scheduling-related emails within Gmail for better organization and accessibility.
  • Personalized Video Messages: Send video messages to your contacts, adding a personal and professional touch.

Steps to Integrate Weezly with Gmail/Outlook: #

  • In your Weezly account, go to the ‘Integrations’ section.

  • Select an extension from the available choices (Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge).
Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge extensions in Weezly app

Use Weezly directly from Linkedin, Gmail, and More Platforms

Extend Weezly’s Reach to Other Platforms #

Weezly’s capabilities extend beyond LinkedIn and Gmail. It can be seamlessly integrated with various platforms, including CRM systems, to streamline client interactions and manage relationships more effectively.

Discover How It Works #

Watch our instructional video to see Weezly in action and learn how to maximize its potential.

Conclusion: Experience the Weezly Advantage #

Integrating Weezly with platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, and others is a strategic decision for any professional seeking to enhance their productivity and connectivity. With Weezly’s powerful scheduling and communication features, you can redefine how you manage time, collaborate with others, and expand your professional network.

Embrace Weezly today and witness a significant boost in your efficiency and effectiveness. Step into a world where scheduling and communication are effortlessly integrated into your workflow. Try Weezly now and unlock the full potential of your professional interactions!

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