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How to embed Weezly in Weebly?

Let’s explore how to embed Weezly in Weebly.

#1 Step: Get the Embed Code from Weezly: #

  • First, log in to your Weezly account.
  • Go to your avatar/name and click ‘Share link‘.
How to embed Weezly in Weebly?

  • Choose ‘Add to Website’ and select ‘Inline Embed‘.
  • Customize the appearance if needed, then copy the provided embed code.
Add to website

#2 Go to your Weebly account #

  • Log into your Weebly account and choose “Edit Site“.
  • Navigate to the “Build” tab, select the page you intend to modify, and utilize the Basic toolbar located on the left side of the screen.
  • Find the option to add an embed code, then drag and drop it to the desired location on your pageEmbed Weezly in Weebly

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