How to add a booking page to your video?

If you want to enhance the video message you’ve recorded for your potential clients or website visitors, consider adding a booking page to it. This increases the likelihood that viewers will quickly schedule a meeting with you. Here’s how to add a booking page to your video.

#1 Before You Start Recording #

When you’re ready to record and wish to include an event in your recording, click on the icon next to ‘Start Recording’ (refer to the picture). A tab with options will open on the right.

How to add a booking page to your video?

#2 Add booking page from settings #

After you’ve saved the video and navigated to this page, look for the ‘Show Booking Page‘ button on the right. Click it and select the desired booking page.

Show your booking page with video

  • Click ‘Preview‘ to check what it looks like. For example: 👇

#3 Quickly manage from dashboard #

Lastly, you can access the option to display the booking page from the dashboard, where all your recordings are. Refer to the photo for guidance.

How to add a booking page to video recording

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