Manage your profile

To manage your personal profile you need to go to the Settings page.
Simply click on your avatar in the right corner, and then go-to settings.

How to manage to your profile and settings.

Once you have reached your settings page you will be able to manage your personal profile.

Overview of the settings page in Weezly

Set your name #

This is your name, and it will be used on all scheduling pages. It is very important to set this correctly as it will be displayed to all people who would like to schedule a meeting with you.

Set your name in Weezly

Set the correct date format #

You have the option to set different date formats in Weezly. This will help your customers who are scheduling a meeting with you to display the right format and also for you.
The option you set here will be applied across all events you create in Weezly.

Set the right date format in Weezly

You can set the date format in the following options


Set the right time format #

Depending where you are based you will probably want to set different time formats.
In most countries, people use 24h format, however in some the 12h format is used.
Once you change the time format, this will also be applied across all events you set.

How to set time format in Weezly

Set your timezone #

Settings your timezone in Weezly is very important. Any new events will be based on this time zone.
However, all people who are scheduling a meeting with you will be able to change to their timezone.
Simply click on the timezone and select the one which you are in.

Set your timezone in Weezly

Set your Weezly language #

Weezly comes with over 24 languages translated which is fantastic.
You can translate Weezly into your preferred language.
Once you change the language in your settings this will be both reflected inside Weezly and also
for people who are scheduling a meeting for you.

Note: You have the option to set a different language for each individual event that you create.

Simply select the language you would like to switch Weezly to.

Change your profile image #

One of the most important things if you would like to schedule more meetings is to let your audience to see who you are and who they are booking a meeting with.
Therefore we are strongly recommending to upload a profile picture of you in Weezly.

Simply click on the avatar to the right and select your profile image.

How to change your profile image in Weezly

That should be it. Now you are ready to get more meetings with your potential clients.


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