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what does a salesperson's day look like

What Does a Salesperson’s Day Look Like With and Without Weezly?

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Shot of group of business persons in business meeting. Three entrepreneurs on meeting in board room. Corporate business sales team on meeting in modern office. What Does a Salesperson's Day Look Like With and Without Weezly?

In the dynamic world of sales, salespeople’s success is often a reflection of the efficiency and effectiveness of their daily routines. As the digital landscape evolves, so do the tools and platforms that sales professionals rely on to streamline their workflows. One such innovation is Weezly, an all-in-one solution that merges the scheduling capabilities with the video messaging prowess. So, what does a salesperson’s day look like with and without Weezly? Keep reading!

A Day Without Weezly

What does a salesperson’s day look like? Imagine a day in the life of a salesperson, we’ll call her Sarah, before the integration of Weezly into her sales strategy. Here’s a glimpse of her typical routine:

Morning: The Daily Grind Begins

Morning and coffee

  • Checking Emails (8:00 AM): Sarah starts her day sifting through a pile of emails, responding to client queries, and trying to schedule meetings. The back-and-forth communication is time-consuming and often results in a game of digital tag.
  • Lead Generation (9:00 AM): She switches to prospecting, using various tools to find leads. This process is manual and disjointed, requiring her to juggle between spreadsheets and her CRM.
  • Following Up (10:30 AM): Sarah follows up on her previous day’s calls and emails. She often waits for responses before she can take the next step.

Midday: The Rush to Connect

midday: What does a salesperson's day look like with and without Weezly

  • Cold Calls and Emails (11:00 AM): Her midday is consumed by cold calls and drafting emails, hindering her time for strategic planning.
  • Lunch (1:00 PM): Even her lunch break is interrupted by calls and urgent emails.
  • Sales Meetings (2:00 PM): Afternoon meetings finally begin, but scheduling conflicts and no-shows are common, leading to wasted time and frustration.

Afternoon: Juggling Tasks and Deadlines

afternoon: What does a salesperson's day look like with and without Weezly

  • Proposal Creation (3:30 PM): Sarah composes client proposals, often disrupted by urgent requests or issues.

Evening: Winding Down?

  • Preparation for the Next Day (6:00 PM): Sarah reviews her schedule for the following day, often staying late to ensure sheโ€™s prepared for any unexpected changes.
  • Networking (7:30 PM): She tries to fit in networking events to grow her contacts, but after a long day, it’s tough to stay energized and engaged.

Without Weezly, Sarah’s day becomes scattered and reactive, limiting her ability to engage in valuable sales-boosting activities.

A Day With Weezly

Now, let’s reimagine Sarah’s day with Weezly integrated into her sales toolkit:

Morning: A Streamlined Start

What does a salesperson's day look like with and without Weezly: Morning and coffee

  • Reviewing Scheduled Meetings (8:00 AM): Sarah begins her day by reviewing her meetings, which were automatically scheduled by clients using Weezly’s integrated booking page, linked to her availability.
  • Lead Generation with Personalized Screencasts (9:00 AM): She sends out personalized screencast messages to prospects, created using Weezly. These include a call-to-action where leads can schedule a meeting through an embedded booking page.

Midday: Efficient Outreach

midday meetings

  • Follow-Up with Video Messages (11:00 AM): Instead of writing lengthy emails, Sarah follows up with leads using quick video messages via Weezly, providing a personal touch that stands out.
  • Lunch Break (1:00 PM): Her lunch break is now truly a break, as she isn’t bombarded with scheduling requests or urgent communications.
  • Automated Meeting Reminders (2:00 PM): Weezly sends automated reminders to her afternoon appointments, drastically reducing no-shows.

Afternoon: Productive Engagements


  • Seamless Proposal Walkthroughs (3:30 PM): Sarah uses Weezly to record walkthroughs of her proposals, giving clients a personalized experience that accelerates the decision-making process.

Evening: Quality Networking


  • Preparation for Tomorrow (6:00 PM): Sarah leaves on time, as her next dayโ€™s meetings and tasks are already scheduled and organized within Weezly.
  • Energized Networking (7:30 PM): She networks energetically and focused, trusting Weezly for quick follow-ups and scheduling.

Weezly organizes and strategizes Sarah’s day, sharpening her focus on client connections and deal closures.

The Weezly Advantage

Here are some bullet points highlighting how Weezly reshapes a salesperson’s day:

  • Simplified Scheduling: No more email ping-pong to set up meetings. Clients can see Sarah’s real-time availability and book themselves in.
  • Enhanced Follow-Up: With the Screencast feature, Sarah can follow up with a personal touch, explaining complex ideas more clearly than through text alone.
  • Direct Call-to-Actions: Videos come with embedded booking pages, making it effortless for clients to move to the next step.
  • Time Management: Automated reminders and CRM updates mean Sarah spends less time on admin and more on selling.
  • Scalability: She can reach more prospects with personalized messages in less time than it takes to write individual emails.
  • Analytics: Weezly provides insights into how recipients interact with her screencasts and booking pages, allowing for data-driven strategy adjustments.

What Does a Salesperson’s Day Look Like: Final Thoughts

So, what does a salesperson’s day look like? The contrast between a day with and without Weezly is stark. Without it, a salesperson’s day is often inefficient and admin-heavy. Weezly transforms this landscape, making every interaction more meaningful and every minute more productive.

As sales professionals like Sarah seek to optimize their days, tools like Weezly aren’t just nice to have; they’re essential components of a modern sales strategy. By combining scheduling simplicity with the power of video, Weezly offers a dual advantage thatโ€™s hard to ignore.

For those interested in transforming their sales process, exploring Weezly could be the first step towards a more streamlined, effective, and engaging sales routine. After all, in the fast-paced world of sales, efficiency isn’t just about doing more โ€” it’s about doing more of what works.

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