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Weezly vs Oncehub: Which Is the Better Tool?

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In the ever-growing realm of scheduling software, two names that continue to emerge are Weezly and OnceHub. As businesses and individuals search for streamlined ways to organize meetings, appointments, and tasks, the demand for these two platforms is on the rise. But what are the key differences between Weezly and OnceHub? Which one should you choose for your specific needs? In this in-depth comparison, we will explore both platforms, focusing on features, pricing, and what makes these products unique compared to competitors. This article will also include answers to what people are generally searching for when comparing Weezly vs OnceHub.

What is Weezly?

Weezly interface

Weezly is touted as a next-generation scheduling software offering seamless calendar synchronization for businesses or freelancers looking to streamline their workflow. It enables users to schedule appointments, organize events, and manage resources, among other features.

  • Key Features: Some notable features of Weezly include flexible time slotting, automated notifications, integration with CMS systems like WordPress, an easy administration panel, customizable booking forms, and multi-language support (including 24 languages).

What is OnceHub?

Weezly vs OnceHub: OnceHub home page

On the other hand, Oncehub is known for its robust scheduling capabilities and CRM integration functions designed to improve sales processes and customer experiences. This platform stands out through feature-rich products like ScheduleOnce and ChatOnce.

  • Key Features: Unique offerings of Oncehub include real-time availability tracking, payment processing during bookings, CRM integration for data consolidation, and a chatbot for enhanced client interaction.

Comparing Weezly and OnceHub

Let’s start comparing these tools based on several key aspects:

Ease of Use

The learning curve for new software can be steep if it isn’t user-friendly. Fortunately, both Weezly and OnceHub score high in this area. The interfaces are intuitive, easy to navigate, and offer clear instructions throughout each step of the setup process.

Integration Options

Integration possibilities can greatly enhance the utility of a scheduling tool. Weezly successfully syncs with Google Calendar and provides integrations with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and Slack, making it a strong contender for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution. Oncehub, however, surpasses in terms of integration offerings by supporting various tools including Salesforce, Infusionsoft, GoToMeeting, and Webex.

Customization & Flexibility

Customizability ensures the tool can align better with your brand and workflow. Here, neither Weezly nor Oncehub disappoints. Both offer template customization—allowing you to modify colors, logo, and booking fields—and occasional rules creation to handle exceptions in your regular schedule.



  • Free Plan: Ideal for those requiring single event coordination with only several calendars.
  • Professional Plan: Perfect for managing multiple calendars and handling various events.
  • Business Plan: Designed for individuals who need to oversee numerous calendars and events simultaneously. With Weezly, you only make a one-time payment according to the selected plan, allowing you to enjoy the service indefinitely without recurring fees. Pay once, and it’s yours forever.
weezly pricing model


Once allows you to choose between 3 models, including a free plan. Pricing starts at $10/user per month.

OnceHub pricing model

Customer Support

Exceptional customer service is paramount when encountering problems navigating new software —both Weezly and OnceHub provide online materials, video tutorials, FAQs, and email support, although only OnceHub offers live chat support.

Ease of Use
Mobile App
Multi-Channel Support
Client Collaboration
Pricing (Starting)Per user/monthPer user/month

Weezly vs OnceHub: Conclusion

Choosing – Weezly vs OnceHub – depends largely on what you’re looking for in a scheduling tool. If price point and interface simplicity matter most to you, then opting for Weezly could be ideal for your needs. Meanwhile, if multiple unique features appealing to larger teams, extensive CRM integrations, and active customer support via live chat excite you then you might enjoy exploring Oncehub instead. Experiment with both; remember to keep evaluating continually because as we know, technologies evolve too fast!

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