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weezly's video widget

Video In Scheduling Is the Future: See a Sneak Peek of our Video Widget!

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We are so close to introducing a new feature on Weezly named: video widget.

At Weezly we strongly believe that video converts better so we are always thinking about how we can make Weezly more feature rich with video.

And we came up with the next feature that we are about to release.

video widget in weezly

What does it do?

Video is now known to convert better, giving you up to 86% more meetings. This feature actually represents a video that you record or upload, and then create an event associated with it. Then you embed this widget on your website.

What does it solve?

This is probably the most important question. When you embed your widget in the message, your website visitors will see a video loop running in the corner of the website. Your visitors understand that you want to say something to them, and they will click on the video widget,

Once opened they will see a scheduling video message from you, and they can schedule a meeting with you instantly. Meaning if you are offering a service, and you want to demo something for your clients or explain something to your customers, they will understand directly what you are solving and they can book an event with you. What this feature is solving, is converting more of your visitors into your potential customers, which everyone wants. Right?

Is it hard to use the video widget? How do I set it up?

Actually, it will be super easy to use this feature.

Simply add a video, create an event, and add the generated code to your website and you are done.
We have created a demo of the entire process of how you will create the video widget.

Check it out!

The video widget feature will be released probably next week!
See you at Weezly.

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