Learn How to Use Polls in iMessage!

How to Use Poll in iMessage?

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Gone are the days of brutal monotony spent texting back and forth just trying to arrange a simple catch-up with your friends. Thanks to polls, you can introduce an extra spark to your conversations on Apple’s messaging application – iMessage, and finally decide where and when to meet without those endless arguments that seem to be perennial (especially where food is involved). This blog post aims at taking you through how you can use poll in iMessage for more engaging conversations so you no longer have to perform digital magic just to get everyone’s opinion.


Why Should I Embed Poll in My Messages?

There are plenty of reasons why polls can boost your conversations:

  • Quick Decisions: Instead of endless back-and-forths, a poll provides direct options.
  • Engagement Boost: Polls can re-engage members who might’ve muted a busy group chat.
  • Fairness: Everyone gets a vote, ensuring decisions are more democratic.
  • Fun Factor: They can be used for fun questions just to liven up the conversation.

According to a study by Pew Research, over 60% of smartphone users use messaging apps for group chats. As such, tools like polls are becoming invaluable for efficient communication.

A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide on How To Create Poll in iMessage

Before we go further, check your OS. You need iOS 10 or later to create polls in iMessage. If your device supports it, let’s start polling!

  • Open any conversation thread in iMessage.
  • Tap the ‘>‘ icon from the text box followed by the ‘App‘ button (‘A’ shaped).
How to use a poll in iMessage
  1. Scroll down and search for ‘Polls.’
How to Use Poll in iMessage!
  • Follow the instructions to install if this is your first time using Polls in iMessages.
  • Thereon after installation, you’ll notice the app available under your frequently used applications.
  • Now hit ‘+ Create Poll‘, and add your question along with its options.
  • Press ‘Send.’

And voila! Your poll is ready and roaring in the chat group. Everyone within the conversation may now cast their votes anonymously, and the results update instantly. When all votes are in, you optionally send a message notifying users!

Best Practices for Using Poll in iMessage

While using polls is straightforward, following best practices can ensure maximum engagement and effective results:

  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Long polls might deter people. Stick to 3-5 options.
  • Be Clear: Your poll title should be self-explanatory. If you’re asking about dinner spots, mention the names and perhaps even the cuisine type.
  • Frequency Matters: Don’t overdo it. If you send polls too often, group members might start ignoring them.
  • Evaluate and Close: Once a consensus is reached, close the poll and announce the result to the group. It keeps things transparent and neat.

Expert tip from TechCrunch’s review of messaging apps: “Active engagement tools like polls or Q&A sessions can enhance user experience and make group chats more purpose-driven.”

Creative Uses of Poll in iMessage

Beyond just picking a dinner spot, here are some innovative ways users are leveraging polls:

  • Event Planning: From deciding the theme of a party to the date of a reunion, polls make event planning smoother.
  • Feedback: If you’re a creator or business owner, getting quick feedback on products, designs, or ideas is invaluable.
  • Educational Purposes: Teachers can use polls to quiz students or decide on the next reading assignment.
  • Fun and Games: Trivia night? Use polls to quiz your friends and keep scores.

Why Not Just Use Other Platforms?

You might wonder, with platforms like Doodle, why use iMessage? The answer lies in integration. The beauty of using iMessage is the immediacy and integration it offers. You’re already chatting there, so there’s no need to shift platforms. Plus, with end-to-end encryption, iMessage ensures your polls and decisions remain private.

iMessage interface

In Conclusion

In an age where efficient communication is prized, tools like poll in iMessage are not just novelties – they’re essentials. They transform group chats from chaotic cacophonies into streamlined decision-making hubs.

So, the next time you’re stuck in a seemingly endless debate on where to brunch this weekend, remember this guide and take the poll route. Your group chat will thank you!

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