How to Create a Booking Link in Weezly: Step-by-Step

How to Create a Booking Link in Weezly: Step-by-Step

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Booking links have emerged as a popular solution for businesses and professionals who want to streamline their appointment and reservation processes. With just a click, clients can schedule meetings, book slots, or reserve services. This guide delves deep into how to create a booking link that can revolutionize how you manage appointments.

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A booking link is a unique URL that directs clients, colleagues, potential job candidates, or anyone else to your appointment calendar.

Before diving into the “how-to,” it’s essential to understand the ‘why’ behind booking links.

  • Efficiency: Gone are the days of back-and-forth emails. Booking links facilitate quick and direct reservations.
  • Flexibility: They are adaptable across sectors – from restaurants to corporate consultations.
  • Professionalism: Presenting a booking link exudes professionalism and showcases an organized structure.

How To Create Your Booking Link With Weezly?

Step #1: Sign-up/Login to Weezly: Before creating a booking link, you need to have an active Weezly login account. In case you haven’t signed up yet, visit the Weezly sign-up page.

Step #2: Access the Dashboard: Once logged into your account, go to the dashboard which will provide various feature options of the tool.

weezly's interface

Step #3: Create your Event: Click on the ‘Create’ button placed on the right side. This will guide you through customized options where you can choose the type of event(booking page/timeslot picker/group invite), duration, and date/time range among other attributes.

weezly, create button

Step #4: Confirm Details & Save the Event: Your booking link should reflect when you’re available to avoid clashes.

  • Define your working hours.
  • Set the duration for each appointment type.
  • If needed, incorporate buffer times between appointments.

After setting all parameters for your online appointment, click on ‘Save’. The application will generate a unique URL for this specific session โ€“ your booking link!

If you have created a booking page, you will find the sharing link on the dashboard.

Step #5: Share the Link: You’re now ready to share it with invitees. Use email, messages, or social media platforms to distribute your new link effectively.

Make The Most Out Of It

Weezly doesnโ€™t stop there by only offering a basic booking function but goes beyond that, making sure even novice users are able to navigate smoothly across the options it offers:

  1. Customize Emails and Reminders: Customization also extends to emails and reminders giving you control over how to communicate professionally and punctually
  2. Multiple Bookings in One Slot: Are you one of those comfy with conducting multiple appointments in the same slot? Well, setting up multiple bookings in one appointment slot doesn’t cause headaches now!
  3. Integration with Google Calendar & Outlook: Know about the availability of your acquaintances via GCal without getting out of your online scheduling tool
  4. Use Video for Scheduling: A great feature particularly useful for users during this personalized work era.

Tips for a Successful Booking Link Experience

  • Test Before Sharing: Before you go live, test the link. Ensure the experience is seamless.
  • Regularly Update Availability: Periodically review and adjust your available slots.
  • Engage with Clients Post-Booking: Send thank-you emails or reminders. Platforms often have automated features for this.
  • Keep an Eye on Analytics: Most platforms offer insights into booking patterns. This data can be invaluable for growth and efficiency strategies.

Common FAQs About Booking Links

1. How secure are booking platforms?
Most reputable platforms prioritize security. They employ SSL encryption and adhere to global security standards. Always research a platform’s security features before committing.

2. What happens when I have an unforeseen clash or emergency?
Most platforms allow easy rescheduling or cancellations. Inform your client and provide an alternative slot.

3. Are these platforms mobile-friendly?

In Conclusion

Creating a booking link is a strategic move towards modernizing your business operations. It not only exudes professionalism but also offers convenience, both for you and your clients. By choosing the right platform, customizing it to your needs, and promoting your booking link, you can revolutionize your appointment process. So, don’t wait! Dive into the world of booking links and experience a seamless scheduling journey.

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