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Weezly is changing name to Weezly

Callendo will be known as Weezly on December 3rd 2023.

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Hi there!

We are super excited to share that Callendo will change its name to Weezly.
And there is a strong reason for that. Keep reading.

Weezly, Bye Bye

So, Why Do We Change the Name?

When we started building Callendi, we wanted to create a scheduling software, where users could add video on their booking page. However, as time went on we got more and more requests from our users to build additional functionality.

The biggest change to our tool came when we launched screen recording functionality which opened massive opportunities. Now, you had a tool that could do scheduling, screen recording, or mix both functions.

We built a unique product on the market, and we decided to step on the gear and make it a truly premium product. As we have been thinking more and more, we realized that Callendo, with starting the words (cal) in the domain, didn’t represent the product, what we have built, and where we are heading.

Hence, we decided to rebrand our product, for the future and what it stands for—premium, uniqueness, and focusing on special industries.

After many rounds back and forth, we decided on the name Weezly. And so, we are proud owners of and we have protected the trademark. Simply awesome!

Weezly is changing name to Weezly

Everything You Need to Know

In this part, we will answer key questions that are surely of interest to you.

When Will You Make the Change to the New Name?

To change a name is simply not an easy task. We’re completely redesigning our website as it doesn’t currently reflect Callendo’s capabilities, and have begun migrating all work to the new site. However, this is a massive task and so many things that need to be done. The name change will be done on 3rd of December.

There will be planned maintenance all day on 3rd December due to name change. This means Callendo will not be available during some period that day.

What Will Happen to Callendo and My Booking Page?

Update: As commited, domain will stop working on 28th of January 2024 and will be permanently closed. Any customers that might be using the link are strongly adviced to migrate to link.

Actually, you as a user will not notice anything. will continue to work as it is, however, all traffic will be redirected to the new website. Both the landing page and the application itself will be redirected to the new home.

Callendo users with existing booking pages can continue using them, but it’s highly recommended to update the booking links shared with external users.

Final Thoughts

We fully understand that it is crucial for our users that migration to the new domain is seamless and any transition doesn’t have any impact on their business. Stay tuned.

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