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Calendly Meeting Poll: 4 Alternatives You Need to Know

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Calendly has become a frontrunner in the scheduling software race. Still, as you may have realized after searching for a Calendly Meeting Poll alternative there are other options out there that might just fit your unique needs better.

This post sets out to enlighten you on 5 top alternatives to Calendly and what they bring to the table. So, keep reading.

Calendly meeting poll

Understanding Your Scheduling Needs: Why It Matters?

In the vast ocean of scheduling tools and applications, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices. Each platform promises to be the panacea for all your scheduling troubles, but the key lies in understanding what you truly need.

Think back to a time when you missed an important appointment due to a scheduling error, or when time zone differences created chaos. Such incidents not only cause immediate inconvenience but can also have long-term repercussions in professional relationships or business dealings. The right scheduling tool is not just about convenience; it’s about professionalism, efficiency, and most importantly, trustworthiness.

But how does one make an informed choice? Start by evaluating your daily scheduling challenges and answer these questions:

  • Are you frequently coordinating with international clients and struggling with time zones?
  • Do you need an interface that can handle group appointments with ease?
  • Or are you in search of a tool that integrates seamlessly with other apps you use daily?
  • What kind of meeting pool do you need?

By aligning a tool’s features with your specific needs, you not only optimize your scheduling process but also elevate your professional persona. Remember, the technology you use is often a reflection of your brand or personal image. Making informed, tailored choices showcases foresight, adaptability, and a commitment to efficiency.

With that perspective in mind, let’s explore some alternatives to Calendly’s meeting poll feature, ensuring you’re armed with the knowledge to find the perfect match for your unique scheduling challenges.

The Basics of Scheduling Software

Before diving into the nuts and bolts of these popular applications, it’s crucial to understand why a good scheduling tool is essential.

A robust scheduler can help:

  • Streamline work processes
  • Minimize double-booking incidences or missed appointments
  • Increase productivity by reducing the time taken to set up meetings
  • Improve client satisfaction due to convenience and efficiency benefits

Many businesses today leverage digital solutions, such as Weezly, Doodle, Acuity, etc., for seamless appointment settings. How do you pick just one? It all depends on your specific requirements and budget constraints, among several other factors.

Let’s delve right into our list of the best Calendly alternatives (with a meeting poll):

The Best Calendly Meeting Poll

#1 Weezly: Revolutionizing Meeting Polls

In the crowded space of scheduling solutions, Weezly is making waves with its innovative approach to meeting poll features. It’s not just about finding a convenient time slot; it’s about optimizing the entire process, from initiation to follow-up.

Weezly meeting poll feature

Distinctive Features of Weezly’s Meeting Polls:

  • Dynamic Time Slot Suggestions: Instead of presenting fixed slots, Calledno’s system adapts to real-time availability, ensuring the suggested times are always current.
  • Priority-based Polling: Participants can not only select their available times but also prioritize them. This unique feature ensures that the most mutually convenient time slot is selected, accommodating as many participants as possible.
  • Instant Calendar Sync: One of the standout features of Calledno is its instantaneous syncing with major calendars. Any changes made in your primary calendar reflect in the Calledno poll immediately, eliminating potential overlaps.
  • Interactive Interface: The UI is designed for intuitive navigation, allowing participants to drag and adjust their available slots, making the experience interactive and user-friendly.
  • Customizable Reminder System: Organizers can set up a series of reminders leading up to the event, ensuring maximum attendance. What’s more, these reminders can be tailored for content, ensuring they’re always relevant.
  • Feedback Integration: Post-meeting, participants can provide feedback directly through the platform. This invaluable input helps organizers continuously refine and improve their meetings.
  • Multilingual Support: In today’s globalized world, the ability to switch languages can be a boon, especially for international organizations. Calledno’s platform supports 24+ languages, ensuring inclusivity.

#2 When2meet

Visit When2meet and you’ll find a tool that’s perfect for those who prefer visual interfaces.

When2meet interface


  • Color-Coded Availability: Participants can mark their available times in green and unavailable times in red, creating a visual representation of everyone’s schedules.
  • No Registration Needed: When2meet doesn’t require users to register, speeding up the scheduling process.
  • Group Planning: Ideal for coordinating with large groups, ensuring everyone’s availability is considered.

#3 Doodle

Doodle meeting poll

Amidst the myriad of scheduling tools, Doodle has managed to carve a niche for itself. Known for its simplicity and efficiency, Doodle’s meeting poll features have set standards in the world of scheduling.

Doodle’s Features of Meeting Polls:

  • Intuitive Creation Process: Initiating a poll is a breeze with Doodle. In just a few clicks, users can set up their poll, select potential time slots, and share it with participants.
  • Multiple Time Slot Voting: Participants can indicate their availability across multiple slots, providing the organizer with a comprehensive view of the best times for everyone.
  • Integrated Calendar Views: Once a poll is live, organizers can sync it with their calendars. This not only aids in visualizing the poll against other commitments but also ensures that any new events are considered.

#4 WhenAvailable

WhenAvailable meeting poll

Amid the digital tools aiming to simplify our life, WhenAvailable stands out with its minimalist approach to scheduling. The platform brings to the fore a design that is both intuitive and practical, ensuring that setting up meetings is as straightforward as it can be.

Notable Features of WhenAvailable’s Meeting Polls:

  • Drag-and-Select Availability: One of WhenAvailable’s signature features is the ability to drag across a visual calendar to select availability. This experience makes it easier and faster to provide availability over multiple days.
  • Instantaneous Poll Creation: Without the need for sign-ups or downloads, users can immediately start creating their polls. This feature is especially useful for those looking for a quick scheduling solution without any commitments.
  • Personalized Poll Links: Every poll generated comes with a unique URL that can be shared effortlessly with potential participants. These links can also be customized for a more personal touch.
  • Interactive Calendar View: Participants view the poll on an interactive calendar, allowing them to see the proposed times in the context of their schedules. This bird’s-eye view aids in making informed decisions.

Wrapping Up: The Best Calendly Meeting Poll

While Calendly has indeed set high standards in the scheduling arena, the options are plenty. Depending on your specific requirements – whether it’s AI assistance, seamless integrations, or added functionalities like video conferencing – there’s likely a tool out there for you.

Don’t hesitate to experiment. Sometimes, it’s through trying multiple platforms that you find the perfect fit for your workflow. The digital landscape is rife with solutions; it’s all about finding the one that aligns with your objectives.

Remember, in the end, the best tool is the one that saves you time, minimizes hassle, and most importantly, makes your professional life a tad bit easier.

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