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Weezly vs Doodle: Which App is Right For You?

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In an increasingly online business world, people find it tough to organize meetings. Thanks to scheduling tools like Weezly and Doodle, planning has become a breeze. But with several powerful tools on offer, choosing one becomes the real task. Today we bring you a comprehensive comparison of Weezly vs Doodle, two leading players in this space. Here’s all you need to know about Calendo and Doodle before making your choice.

What Is Weezly?

A much-talked-about entry in the game, Weezly surprisingly feels familiar yet different. Designed for everyone from globe-trotting businessmen to busy freelancers, powering through schedules is easier than ever with Weezly.

The handy dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your week or month ahead, allowing you to seamlessly manage appointments at any scale. It also syncs smoothly with multiple calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and more.

The Basics

The best way to understand Weezly is by diving into its features. Those include:

  1. Intuitive UI
  2. Easy appointment syncing
  3. Powerful customizable settings
  4. Multiple integrations
  5. Multiple reminders 

People often find themselves stuck trying to use new software. Guides like how to use Calendly can uncomplicate these instances.

What Is Doodle?

On the other hand, Doodle offers similar but distinct features. Doodle aims at handling the calendar clutter and simplifying trivial tasks. Prominently recognized as the ‘go-to’ tool when dealing with broad time zone differences.

Similar to Weezly, the interface makes at-a-glance access possible while ensuring easy event scheduling.

The Basics

Some of Doodle’s noteworthy features are –

  1. Invite polling feature
  2. Automated notifications
  3. Direct integration with Zoom and MS Teams

So, How Do They Compare?

While both apps share a simplistic design totality, some capital distinctions justify segregation between them. Here’s a nitty-gritty dissection of both:

Shrinking learning curves seems paramount which they nail effortlessly via simple interfaces blended with strong features. Our observations found that Weezly scores marginally better thanks to its intuitive UI and overall feel. If you’re hesitant about Weezly vs Doodle, remember, simplicity does triumph!

Weezly vs Doodale: Features

Weezly Features

Some of the standout features of Weezly include:

  • Smart scheduling: Weezly uses AI to suggest optimal meeting times, improving productivity.
  • Automated reminders: Reduces no-shows by sending automated reminders.
  • Custom branding: Offers an option to add personal logos and themes.
  • Team collaboration tools: Allows for multiple users to manage a single calendar.
  • Multiple Reminders: Allows sending automated reminders to reduce meeting conflicts.
  • 24+ different languages available

Doodle Features

Key features of Doodle include:

  • Easy scheduling: Doodle streamlines the scheduling process with its easy-to-use interface.
  • Automated reminders: Sends reminders to ensure everyone remembers the meeting.
  • Custom branding: Users can customize the interface to match their branding.
  • See who’s missing: Helps to easily identify who hasn’t responded to a meeting invite.

While Weezly’s AI-based scheduling is unique, Doodle’s “see who’s missing” feature can be a game-changer for larger teams.

Weezly vs Doodle: Pricing

Pricing remains the dominant factor when settling on a solution. With most factors being neck and neck, Doodle’s slightly welcoming pricing may sway potential users in favor of it over Weezly.

Weezly’s pricing model:

Weezly's pricing model

Doodle’s pricing mode:

Doodle pricing

Weezly vs Doodle: Comparison Table

Smart/AI SchedulingNoNo
Automated RemindersYesYes
Custom BrandingYesYes
Team CollaborationYesLimited
IntegrationsGoogle Calendar, Outlook, etc.Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
Customer SupportYesYes


Choosing between Weezly vs Doodle ultimately boils down to individual or business needs. Weezly’s smart scheduling and team collaboration tools make it ideal for those seeking an intelligent and collaborative solution. Doodle, on the other hand, is a reliable choice for those wanting a simple, trusted platform with robust features.

Remember, the best way to decide is to try them out for yourself. Both platforms offer free trials, so give them a spin and see which one fits your needs better. Confirm you have browsed product-specific reviews (Doodle) and comparisons ((Calendly vs Doodle), prior to pulling out your card!

Check out more extensive app discussions on other alternatives to assist you in making informed decisions. Happy finding!

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