100 Users Switched From Loom to Weezly in a Week!

100 Users Switched From Loom to Weezly in a Week!

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Every once in a while, we witness a game-changing shift in an industry. Last week was one such time in the scheduling software world as within just seven days, over 100 users switched from Loom to Weezly. What triggered this exodus may seem like a billion-dollar question at first glance. Still, having researched both platforms extensively, I will present my viewpoint on why many aspiring business professionals and influencers choose Weezly over Loom.

Weezly: From Loom to Weezly

A Closer Look at Weezly

Before delving into the reasons behind this migration, let’s first explore what Weezly is all about. Born out of the desire to streamline workplace efficiency, Weezly combines the best of two popular worlds- scheduling and video messaging, into one integrated solution. This hybrid offers the sleek scheduling capabilities of Calendly with the personalized video messaging system of Loom, creating a one-stop shop for professionals looking to optimize their workflow.

Unique Features of Weezly

  • Screencast: A standout feature in Weezly’s suite is Screencast. This functionality enables users to record video messages effortlessly. These can be embedded on websites or included in emails, offering a dynamic way to communicate with clients or team members.
  • Integrated Booking: In addition to sending video messages, Weezly allows recipients to schedule a meeting directly through the viewing interface. This seamless integration removes the back-and-forth often associated with arranging meetings, increasing productivity, and enhancing user experience.

Why 100 Users Switched From Loom to Weezly in a Week?

To understand this trend, we conducted interviews, gathered feedback, and analyzed data. Here’s what we found:

Seeking Efficiency and Integration

The primary reason users are flocking to Weezly is the allure of an all-in-one tool. With the pace of today’s business world, people are looking for efficiency in their tools. Weezly’s integrated scheduling in video messages means that actions can be taken instantly after viewing, reducing delays and increasing conversion rates for meetings.

User Experience and Interface

Another aspect where Weezly seems to have an edge is in its user interface (UI) and overall user experience (UX). Designed to be intuitive and straightforward, Weezly has received accolades for its clean design, which allows users to navigate the platform without a steep learning curve.


Weezly has also positioned itself as a cost-effective alternative. By combining two services into one, users can potentially reduce their software subscription costs, an attractive proposition for startups and established businesses alike.

The User Journey: From Loom to Weezly

100 Users Switched From Loom to Weezly in a Week!

What does it take for a user to make the switch? Here’s a detailed passage through the user journey:


Most users first heard about Weezly through various online channels. Word of mouth, social media buzz, and targeted ads played significant roles. Since Weezly released a new feature 7 days ago – Screencast – as many as 100 users have switched from Loom to Weezly.


The ease of use, combined with the powerful features, convinced users to make the switch. The ability to have video messages and scheduling in one place was the ultimate game-changer.

A Week in Numbers

The migration of 100 users in a week is no small feat. Here’s what these numbers tell us:

  • User Satisfaction: A high adoption rate in such a short time signifies user satisfaction with Weezly’s features and interface.
  • Market Gap: There was a clear gap in the market for a tool that combined the functionalities of Loom and Calendly, which Weezly has successfully filled.
  • Growth Potential: The rapid switch indicates a strong growth potential for Weezly as it meets the needs of modern professionals.

Looking Ahead: Weezly’s Prospects

The future looks bright for Weezly. The integration of video messaging with direct call-to-action for scheduling can redefine communication standards. Here’s what we can expect:

  • Innovation: Continuing to innovate and add more features will be key for Weezly to maintain its edge.
  • Expansion: As more users discover Weezly, we can anticipate further migration from single-function tools to this more versatile platform.
  • Integration: There’s potential for Weezly to integrate with other productivity tools, making it an even more indispensable part of the workflow ecosystem.


In conclusion, the migration of 100 users from Loom to Weezly in a week is a testament to the ever-changing landscape of digital tools and the constant search for better productivity solutions. Weezly has made a splash by not only combining two essential services but by creating a platform that is intuitive, effective, and cost-efficient.

As we watch Weezly’s user base grow, it’s clear that such integrative tools are not just a trend but are paving the way for the future of workplace communication and efficiency.

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